The child closes their eyes with her hands, a statement: I am not. Then, opening hands and eyes, says: I am here. Another game involves folding a piece of paper and crafting a spyglass that will frame everything within small circles. By pointing the device, they create what comes into existence before them. The child grows.

The woman mimics the gesture of being before what she sees. Seeks an other who is willing to witness and, in exchange, gaze back at her. The woman photographs.

The nearness, the surfaces and the beings, the intimacy with the child who refrains from pretending to know and teaches how to be a witness - this opens an outward passage that folds inward. Your gaze is green recreates what takes place when we are existing in our kitchens tearing the bread, and happen to wave from the surface to our self that dwells deep.

    *This photo-essay was created between 2021 and 2022.